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Guin Saga (Hindi Dubbed) Anime Series

  • Series Name: Guin Saga (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10
  • Stars: David Wald, Ken’yû Horiuchi, Mai Nakahara
  • Genres: Anime | Adventure | Fantasy
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed | English
  • Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older .

Guin Saga (グイン・サーガ / Guin Sāga) is a 2009 Japanese Anime Series ,
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Guin Saga 2009 (Hindi) All Episodes | S01 Anime Series

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Guin Saga Season 1 (TV Series)
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Episode 1 – Leopard Mask

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Episode 2 -Keep of the Black Count

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Episode 3 – Crimson Mercenary

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Episode 4 – Over the River of Death

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Episode 5 – Meeting of Fate

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Episode 6 – Assembly of the Sem Tribes

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Episode 7 – The Battle of Nospherus

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Episode 8 – Encounter With the Wolf King

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Episode 9 – Prisoner of the Lagon

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Episode 10 – The Frontier King

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Guin Saga (Season 1) (2009) – Storyline:

Guin Saga (TV Series 2009): The ancient kingdom of Parros has been invaded by the armies of Mongaul, and its king and queen have been slain. But the “twin pearls of Parros,” the princess Rinda and the prince Remus, escape using a strange device hidden in the palace. Lost in Roodwood, they are rescued from Mongaul soldiers by a strange leopard-headed man, who has no memories except for the words “Aurra” and “Guin,” which he believes to be his name .

The story centers around a mysterious warrior named Guin, an amnesiac with a leopard mask magically affixed to his head. Remembering nothing but his fighting instincts and the word “Aurra”, he confronts a world laden with danger, intrigue, and magic.

Guin Saga (Season 1) More Info:

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Guin Saga (グイン・サーガ, Guin Sāga) is a best-selling heroic fantasy novel series by the Japanese author Kaoru Kurimoto

Review of ‘Guin Saga (Season 1) 2009’ Anime Series :

The story sets up and has the potential to be an epic masterpiece, the scale and complexity of the tale is vast, and ambitious, and while the scale of the story is rarely an issue, the show doesn’t quite get there.

What the show does well, is what i would describe as the political aspect of the adventure, the various countries, their royal families and the various stages of the conflict and occupation of Parros are engaging to watch and really set in around the early mid stage of the series. This steered me quite happily from episode to episode without any complaints.

What the show handles poorly are the day to day events following Guin and the Remus Twins, my interest in the events didn’t last long beyond the introductory episodes to our protagonists. Now while i quite enjoyed watching the Remus twins and their adaptation to the situation they find themselves in, everything regarding Guin came off as underwhelming. Guin is very much our all action straight laced hero, sadly this show is all about the bloodless violence, every time the show went into a small scale battle, i would always be left disappointed, there’s simply no edge to any of the action, it’s predictable and stole screen time from the events i did find enjoyable.

The art is strong worthy of a 2009 anime, the character models for better are classic fantasy designs, nothing of the current moe trends, far more reminiscent of years gone by. The background animations are reasonable, albeit lazy at times, they do a good job of bringing a huge world to life. The sound was reasonable, if not overly memorable, the voice acting was functional if not a little repetitive (blame the scripting as much as the voice acting)

The characters actually grew on me quite a lot, by the end of it i had grown genuinely interested in what was going to befall the Remus Twin’s and even Istovan finally showed another dimension to his character, which i appreciated.

Overall if you like fantasy shows you’ll almost certainly enjoy this show, i happily breezed through the 26 episodes in 4 nights without any real complaints. There’s plenty to poke at if your looking to not like this show, but all in all it was a good not great introduction to what i’m sure turned out to be a fairly epic story, the show could have been a great portrayal in it’s on right, had it taken a few more risks, but settled for being a fairly standard affair in the end.

Guin Saga S01 Hindi Dual Audio [ हिन्दी 5.1 – English Subtitles ] Japanese Anime Series .