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” Summertime (2001) / Sseommeotaim (썸머타임) “

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Movie Name: Summertime (2001)
IMDb Rating: 5.3
Director: Jae-ho Park
Stars: Ji-hyeon Kim, Cheol-ho Choi, Soo-young Ryu
Genres: Thriller | Drama | Pornographic
Language: Korean

Download Summertime  (Korean: 썸머타임; RR: Sseommeotaim) is a 2002 ,
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 Summertime | Sseommeotaim | 썸머타임  | 2002 – Korean Erotic Thriller Movie

Movie: Summertime (English title) is a 2001 South Korean film directed by Park Jae-ho and starring Ryu Soo-young and Kim Ji-hyun. A remake of the controversial Philippine film Scorpio Nights (1985), the film was also inspired by the Gwangju massacre (WIKIPEDIA)

StoryLine :

Summertime (2019) (AKA: 썸머타임) Full Movie With English Subs Set within the Nineteen Eighties, Sang-ho could be a student activist concealing call at alittle rural village. He accidentally witnesses, through a hole on the ground of his second story space, a family having sex. He discovers he’s a Peeping Tom deep down and becomes bolder and bolder in his actions. One day, he gets a chance to play out his fantasies. once the husband isn’t home, Sang-ho goes downstairs. Imitating the husband’s manner of sex even right down to the sequence, the young man has sex with the married woman. She, like Sang-ho, could be a captive of the house. The second time he involves her, he touches her in a very totally different means that makes her turn and see that there’s a unknown in her bed. 720p BRRip Sseommeotaim 1080p BluRay 10bit HEVC 6CH Free Download  

썸머타임 – Summertime Full Movie Review:

“Summer Time” is associate degree titillating drama with ample status and sex scenes. they’re superbly shot. however what goes on round the sex is nothing of interest. It’s primarily the story of a young man United Nations agency watches his neighbors in bed, gets aroused and has sex with the married woman by imitating her husband. once she discovers that the guy sleeping together with her isn’t her man, she does not push him away. They become lovers. associate degree extramarital sex pici suppose we tend to had that before.