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” Weak Hero Class 1 ” (약한영웅 Class 1 2022) K-DRAMA “

Weak Hero Class 1 (2022) Complete 약한영웅 Class 1 All Episodes 1-16 [With English Subtitles] [Yakhanyeongung 4k 2160p 1080p 720p 480p HD] Eng Sub Free Download On

Weak Hero Class 1: Season 1 | 2022

Native Title: Yakhanyeongung / 약한영웅 Class 1 
IMDb Ratings:
Director: You Su Min
Stars: Park Ji Hoon, Choi Hyun Wook, Hong Kyung, Kim Su Gyeom, Shin Seung Ho
Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Total Episodes: 8
Status : Complete

Weak Hero Class 1 (Season 1) 2022 is a South Korean Action/Crime TV Series,
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Weak Hero Class 1 S1 Complete 약한영웅 Class 1 [English Subs] (K-Drama):


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Weak Hero Class 1 (2022) K-Drama

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Weak Hero Class 1: Season 1 (Korean TV Series 2022 ) :

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Series Info: Weak Hero Class 1 (English title) / Yakhanyeongung (literal title)|Korean Dramas |

  • Native Title: 약한영웅 Class 1
  • Also Known As: Yakhanyeongung Sijeun1 , 약한영웅 시즌1 , Weak Hero Season 1
  • Genres: Action, Youth, Drama
  • Tags: Smart Male Lead, Bromance, School Bullying, Violence, Friendship, High School, Skilled Fighter, Adapted From A Webtoon, School Setting, Fight .

Weak Hero Class 1 (약한영웅 Class 1) Season 1 – Storyline:

Si Eun has no interest other than studying. When someone provokes him, he does not shy away from the fight that comes in his way. He has been smartly protecting himself by making quick decisions and made good use of his surroundings. However, he is in danger, and he gets help from Soo Ho and Bum Seok. A great friendship slowly emerges among the three of them while they try to survive in a school where bullying always happens. The ways Si Eun, Soo Ho, and Bum Seok deal with people and violence show how the feeble teenagers become strong.

~~ Adapted from the webtoon “Weak Hero” (약한영웅) written by SeoPass (서패스) and illustrated by Kim Jin Seok (김진석).

Review of Weak Hero Class 1 Season 1nd (2022 Korean TV Series) :

I went into this show with admittedly low expectations. It didn’t air on any of the big Korean channels, and wasn’t made for any streaming service in particular. There were no big name actors in it, although I did recognize Park Ji Hoon from the fantastic At A Distance Summer is Green, where he played a summery playboy hiding a dark secret. This character could not have been more opposite, and boy was I blown away by his performance. I hope he is given bigger roles after this show, he certainly deserves the chance as his acting was great across the board.

Si Yeun is a pretty, smallish young boy, so seeing him being a brilliant strategist combined with a wiry, stubborn strength was a pleasant surprise that kept me interested from the very first few minutes. While school bullying in Korean dramas is certainly not a new concept, this show is somewhat different from the others I have seen. It centers on human emotions in a way that puts every character in a grey moral zone that makes them all incredible interesting to watch and also all too relatable.

It seems the ending was set up for a season two, and I really hope to see another set of episodes of this amazing show. I was completely hooked from start to finish!

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