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Business Proposal 2022 (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Business Proposal (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed | English .
  • Stars: Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, Seol In-ah.
  • Genres: ComedyDrama | Romance | K-Drama

Business Proposal is a 2022 South Korean romantic comedy Series by Netflix  ,
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Business Proposal 2022 (Hindi) All Episodes | S01 Netflix K-Drama Series

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Business Proposal Season 1 (TV Series)
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Business Proposal (Season 1) (2022) – Storyline:

Business Proposal (TV Series 2022): Shin Ha Ri is a single woman and works for a company. She has a male friend, who she has had a crush on for a long time, but she learns he has a girlfriend. Shin Ha Ri feels sad and decides to meet her friend Jin Young Seo, who is a daughter of a chaebol family. Jin Young Seo then asks Shin Ha Ri to take her place in a blind date and even offers some money for her time. Shin Ha Ri accepts her friend’s offer. She goes out on the blind date as Jin Young Seo, while having the intention to get rejected by her date. When she sees her blind date, Shin Ha Ri is dumbfounded. Her blind date is Kang Tae Mu. He is the CEO of the company where she works. Kang Tae Mu is the CEO of a company that his grandfather founded. One day, his grandfather informed him of an upcoming blind date that he set up for him. Kang Tae Mu is a workaholic and he is annoyed that his grandfather sets up blind dates for him. He decides to marry the next woman whom he meets at a blind date, so he won’t be disturbed from his work anymore. That woman is Shin Ha Ri, but pretending to be Jin Young Seo. On the following day, Shin Ha Ri receives a phone call from Kang Tae Mu. He asks her to marry him.

Adapted from the web novel “The Office Blind Date” (사내 맞선) by Hae Hwa (해화).

Business Proposal (Season 1) More Info:

बिज़नेस प्रपोजल सीज़न 1 Now Ready to Download & Stream on सिर्फ़ KatMovieHD पर  .

सुपरहिट कोरियन ड्रामा टीवी सीरीज: बिज़नेस प्रपोजल 2022 हिंदी डब अब उपलब्ध है इसी नाम के वेब नॉवेल और वेबटून पर आधारित. एन ह्यो-सोप (“Abyss”) और किम से-जॉन्ग (“The Uncanny Counter”) के साथ.

हा-री अपनी सहेली की ब्लाइंड डेट पर आए शख्स को डराकर भगाने के लिए उसका रूप बनाकर जाती है. पर जब वह उसका CEO निकलता है और उसे एक प्रस्ताव देता है, तो सब उलट-पुलट जाता है.
कलाकार: एन ह्यो-सोप, किम से-जॉन्ग, किम मिन-ग्यू
क्रिएटर: पार्क सियोन-हो,हान सुल-ही, हॉन्ग बो-हुइ
Business Proposal (Korean: 사내 맞선) is a South Korean romantic comedy television series based on the webtoon of the same title written by HaeHwa and illustrated by Narak. Directed by Park Seon-ho and written by Han Seol-hee and Hong Bo-hee, it stars Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, and Seol In-ah. It tells the story of Shin Ha-ri, an employee who accepts to go on a blind date in place of her friend, but finds out that her date is actually her boss.
  • Native Title: 사내 맞선
  • Also Known As: In-House Confrontation , In-House Match , Confrontation in the Company , Meet the Man , Meet the Guy , Sanae Majseon , Sanae Matseon , Sanae Matsun , 사내맞선 , The Office Blind Date , Business Proposal
  • Director: Park Seon Ho
  • Screenwriter: Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Tags: Rich Male Lead, Boss-Employee Relationship, Secondary Couple, Cheerful Female Lead, Fake Identity, Heir, Blind Date, Contract Relationship, Sismance, Double Identity

‘Business Proposal (Season 1) 2022’: TV Review :

I can’t get enough of The Office Blind Date (A Business Proposal in the US on Netflix). It is the most hysterical corporate K-drama I have ever watched and just finished Episode 3 and 4. I couldn’t stop laughing for practically any moment, and that says a lot because not much makes me laugh. It is a good thing that I have to wait another week for Episode 5 because I don’t think I could stand that much laughter in one day. I love the leading male, Aho Hyo-Seop as Kang Tae Mu and also the leading female Se-Jeong Kim as Shin Ha Ri. I very rarely mention a female star so that says a lot about Se-Jeong Kim; she brings so much to the show.

Business Proposal S01 Hindi Complete 720p HDRip Dual Audio [ हिन्दी 5.1 – English ]  South Korean Drama TV Series  .

I love this drama as it is my favourite office romance genre. But the thing is they kept this show very subtle. They didnt exaggerate and that would have been boring to watch. So yes there are cliches but with realistic touch. I love it and the cast is so amazing. All the four leads are very good. I am loving Kim Se Jeong’s acting as it is the first time I am watching her. And Obviously, Ahn Hyo Seop is a gift to the eyes in this series and also his character is smooth unlike rude boses.