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Huang Fei Hong (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Wong Fei Hung (Season 1)
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.0/10
  • Director: Patrick Yau, Jeffrey Chiang, Qi Xiao Hui
  • Stars: Vincent Matile, Bea Hayden Kuo, Ryan Zheng
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, C-Drama .
  • Quality: 1080p / 720p / 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dub (ORG)
  •  Huang Fei Hong S01 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
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Huang Fei Hong ( 国士无双黄飞鸿 /Wong Fei Hung) is a 2017 Chinese television series ,
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Huang Fei Hong (Season 1) In Hindi Dubbed [C-Drama Series] :

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Huang Fei Hong S01 [Hindi Dubbed]
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Watch Wong Fei Hung (Huang Fei Hong) – Season 1 [All Episodes] In Hindi Online | Chinese TV series

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Huang Fei Hong (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Dramas now in Hindi –

SuperHit Chinese Drama Series: Huang Fei Hong 2017 In Hindi / Urdu 720p 480p HDRip | Huang Fei Hong ( C-Drama  ) All Episodes (TV Series) Free Download & Watch Wong Fei Hung (Hindi Dubbed) S01 Online On | Chinese Drama TV Series (In Hindi) Free on KatMovieHD  .

Wong Fei Hung (Huang Fei Hong) – Season 1 2017 – Chinese Drama Series Hindi Dubbed :

Huang Fei Hong (Chinese Drama (In Hindi)); 国士无双黄飞鸿;  Watch Wong Fei Hung (Hindi Dubbed) Online for free at KatMovieHD Based on Huang Fei Hong, the legendary folk hero, martial artist and physician. Fei Hung Wong (Ryan Zheng) starts out a simple man with simple ideals. Adhering to his father’s teachings, he vows to protect the people that he cares about and soon realizes that his passion extends to the people of China.. Visit and watch all the episodes of Wong Fei Hung (Hindi Dubbed) online anytime and anywhere on Playflix & KatmovieHD .

Huang Fei Hong (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline :

Wong Fei Hung is a martial arts master and a legendary hero in his time. He is a physician who has saved countless lives in Po Chi Lam, a medical clinic in Canton but the circumstances force his hand to use his fighting abilities to defend the people.

Watch full episode of Wong Fei Hung Season 1 2017 | Chinese Drama (Now In Hindi):

Huang Fei Hong (国士无双黄飞鸿 / Wong Fei Hung) is a Chinese television series .

Native Title: 国士无双黄飞鸿
Also Known As: Guo Shi Wu Shuang Huang Fei Hong, Fei Hung Wong
Genres: Action, Historical, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts
Tags: Qing Dynasty, Historical Fiction, Costume, Romance

Huang Fei Hong Season 1 2017 (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Series Review: 

I really liked the fighting scenes, they were well done. Some of the actors over exaggerated their expressions and actions, but that just fits in with the comedic aspect of the drama to give it some lightheartedness and make the audience laugh (which I did at some parts). The music was good, it really fit in with the scenes well.

Huang Fei Hong is pretty much skilled in everything. He is a good martial artist, a patriot, a doctor, a detective (he helps Mo Gui Lan/Shi San Yi on her cases), and a lover. He has many love entanglements, some of which he doesn’t care for, but it affects his future with Shi San Yi. The way he treats her is so mean at times, but she always forgives because she loves him. I hate it, but it is a pretty common thing for these dramas where the female lead gets misunderstood and treated poorly, but in the end, they forgive and follow the male lead anyways, so it’s kind of expected.

Mo Gui Lan/Shi San Yi is a righteous and courageous woman that becomes a bailiff because she is smart and also skilled in Kung Fu. Regardless of how Huang Fei Hong treats her, she perseveres and still continues on with her life. The things she says to Huang Fei Hong aren’t without reason, and he just doesn’t get it. Typical man, right? Anyways, enough about the love story between these two.

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