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” Chinese Drama Series (Dubbed in Hindi) “

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Love Script (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben (Season 1)
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.5/10
  • Stars: Julio Wan Yan, Sabrina Zhuang, Dai Xiang Yu
  • Genres: ComedyDrama | Romance | C-Drama .
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  • Language: Hindi Dubbed (ORG)
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“Love Script” (2020-21) – A Chinese Romantic Comedy Fantasy Drama Television Series   ,
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Love Script (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Dramas now in Hindi –

SuperHit Chinese Drama Series: Love Script 2020 In Hindi / Urdu 720p 480p HDRip | Love Script ( C-Drama  ) All Episodes (TV Series) Free Download & Watch Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben (Hindi Dubbed) S01 Online On | Chinese Drama TV Series (In Hindi) Free on KatMovieHD  .

Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben (Love Script) – Season 1 2020 – More Info:

Love Script (CHINESE DRAMA (IN HINDI)); 她和他的恋爱剧本;  Watch Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben (Hindi Dubbed) Online for free at KatMovieHD Visit KatMovieHD and watch all the episodes of Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben (Hindi Dubbed) online anytime and anywhere on Playflix & KatmovieHD .

Love Script (她和他的恋爱剧本 / Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben) is a 2020 Chinese television series .

  • Native Title: 她和他的恋爱剧本
  • Also Known As: His and Her Love Script , Wo De Wang Xiang Zheng Nan You , Ta He Ta De Lian Ai Ju Ben , 我的妄想症男友 , 她和他的戀愛劇本
  • Screenwriter: Rao Jun
  • Director: Liu Han Yang
  • Actress: Liu Zhi Wei, Milky Wang, Huang Can Can
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
  • Tags: Adapted From A Novel, Car Accident, Multiple Couples, Web Series, Bickering Mains’ Relationship, Psychiatrist Female Lead, Prince Male Lead, Dream World, Two Timelines, Warm Female Lead .

Love Script (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline :

Abandoning all the duties of his daily life, Xuan Wen leaves control of his company in the hands of others to focus instead on building a palace for himself and managing his prosperous empire. With no more alternatives, people close to him agree that they need to seek professional help on his behalf. When they hire Luo Kai Huai (Zhuang Da Fei), a mental health specialist whose urgent need for money leads her to accept Xuan Wen’s unusual case, they leave her friend in her care.

As a man with good looks, a high IQ, and incredible wealth, Zhu Xuan Wen wants for nothing. Somewhat of a rarity, he is the sort of man women dream about, and men wish they could be. Yet, Xuan Wen is not what he seems. Involved in a car accident at a young age, he developed a strange neurosis that worsened with time. Believing he is the Ming Dynasty’s Emperor Jianwen, Xuan Wen cares only for the prosperity of his imaginary empire. He has relegated his daily responsibilities, including his company’s management in the hands of others, preferring to build himself a palace from which to manage his thriving fictional empire. Those closest to him agree they need to seek professional help on his behalf. Luo Kai Huai, a mental health professional whose desperate need for money prompts her to take on Xuan Wen’s unusual condition. Kai Huai becomes a part of his world as a member of the emperor’s harem. Now she must find a way to help Xuan Wen, who constantly attempts to drive her away, making her job all but impossible. Constantly clashing with the would-be emperor, Kai Huai must find a way to help Xuan Wen, but how?

Adapted from the novel “My Delusional Boyfriend” (我的妄想症男友) by Ye Zi (叶子).

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Love Script Season 1 2020 (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Series Review: 

The tension between the FL and ML was palpable and the FL’s struggle to balance professional and personal integrity was shown well. I enjoyed watching the two side couples as they jockeyed back and forth into possibility. And I was assailed by some serious SML syndrome.

Then at the moment when the story felt like it was finally resolving, the less desirable bits began to emerge. After the FL spurned the ML for betraying her trust, the drama began to drag. One entire episode was mostly devoted to showing how miserable each of the characters was. I mean how many crying jags and flashbacks do we really need to be convinced of their despair? And as that disconnect was finally being resolved, suddenly another major business crisis rears its ugly head with the SML showing a jealous bent to undermine the ML. Simultaneously, the FL is faced with a hitherto unrecalled childhood trauma–which, of course, was connected to the ML, the only one who could truly help her. Then once everything was almost resolved, I was particularly annoyed by the FL faux extension of her 1-year study abroad. Seriously, who plays that sort of trick on someone they love?

I wish that everything could have wound down before these final crises/challenges occurred. I would have rated this a solid ‘8’ then. Was the last third truly horrible? No, it had its moments (brother presents FL friend with all the birthday gifts he had prepared but been too afraid to give for 7 years; ML assistant meeting his partner’s family who believe he is unemployed and poor; the resonance of the dead mother’s story and its revitalized ending). I just hated watching the same actors who sensitively enacted this well-written script forced to portray overdone cliches. It was like I’d been savoring a delectable confection, but then after I was full I devoured a reduced-price, mass produced, store-bought cake. I’m left feeling uncomfortably over-stuffed with pleasant memories of the initial pastry and only regret for the bland sugary dessert I shoved in after.

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