Download Star Wars: Visions: Season 1 Complete English DD 5.1 [Dual Audio] Web-DL 1080p 720p & 480p HD Free on .
(Star Wars: Visions S01 | Disney+) All Episodes [ English Dubbed – Japanese ] 2021 TV Series .

Download Star Wars: Visions : Season 1 Complete English [Dual Audio] Web-DL 1080p 720p & 480p HD Star Wars: Visions S01 2021 Disney+ Anime Series) All Episodes [ English Dubbed DD 5.1 – Japanese ] Free on .

Star Wars: Visions | Disney+

  • Series Name: Star Wars: Visions (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 8.6/10 [26 Votes]
  • Quality: 480p | 720p | 1080p (HD)
  • Language: English Dubbed | Japanese .
  • Creator: 
  • Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Andrew Kishino, Jaden Waldman, Alison Brie
  • Genres: Animation | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi

Star Wars: Visions is a 2021 Animated anthology TV Serial by Disney+  ,
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Star Wars: Visions 2021 (English) All Episodes | S01 Disney+ Series

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Star Wars: Visions 2021 (TV Series)
Single Episodes Link:

Episode 1 The Duel 

E01 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 2 Tatooine Rhapsody 

E02 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 3 The Twins 

E03 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 4 The Village Bride 

E04 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 5 The Ninth Jedi 

E05 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 6 T0-B1 

E06 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 7 The Elder 

E07 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 8 Lop and Ochō 

E08 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

Episode 9 Akakiri 

E09 720p / GD | 480p | Direct

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Star Wars: Visions (Season 1) (2021) – Storyline:

Star Wars: Visions (TV Series 2021): Star Wars anthology series that will see some of the world’s best anime creators bring their talent to this beloved universe.

Star Wars: Visions stories were not required to adhere to the established Star Wars timeline:

We really wanted to give these creators a wide creative berth to explore all the imaginative potential of the Star Wars galaxy through the unique lens of anime. We realized we wanted these to be as authentic as possible to the studios and creators who are making them, made through their unique process, in a medium they’re such experts at. So the idea was, this is their vision riffing off all the elements of the Star Wars galaxy that inspired them — hopefully to make a really incredible anthology series, unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Star Wars galaxy.

The story of The Duel was specifically billed as “an alternate history pulled from Japanese lore“.

Lop and Ochō is set during the reign of the Galactic Empire between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

The Elder is set “sometime before” The Phantom Menace while The Twins involves “remnants of the Imperial Army” after the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

The Ninth Jedi will explore “what became of the Jedi Knights” after The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars: Visions (Season 1) More Info:

Star Wars: Visions (スター・ウォーズ:ビジョンズ / Sutā Wōzu: Bijonzu) is a Japanese-American Anime anthology series created for the American streaming service Disney+. Produced by Lucasfilm Animation, the series consists of nine short films produced by six Japanese animation studios, Kamikaze Douga, Twin EngineTriggerKinema CitrusProduction I.G, and Science SARU, each telling their own original stories based on the Star Wars universe Now Ready to Download & Stream on KatMovieHD .

‘Star Wars: Visions (Season 1) 2021’: TV Review :

The power of the original three movies never came back.I was very hopeful after rogue one, the mandalorian, the bad batch and the last season of the clone wars.Then Disney releases Star Wars Visions. What was wrong about it you ask?No storyReturning characters do not get the credit where they should (a small kid fighting off Boba Fett…with a guitar gun?)Leia floating in Space came back in (apparently space lightsaber fights are normal without suits on).Lightsabers have suddenly taken on the strangest forms. Star wars rebels started the helicopter blades and suddenly it kicked off into samurai sabers, star destroyer destroying blades comn. Have some dignity.the force is starting to get godlike action. If Anakin was the chosen one, howcome these jedi and sith have more strong powersDisney. You’re hurting the franchise if you continue this series. I hope you are able to create many more fantastic star wars movies and series. Just not this.Please start taking star wars seriously. There are a lot of people who love and enjoy the galaxy far far away.

Star Wars: Visions S01 English Complete 720p HDRip Dual Audio [ English 5.1 – Japanese ]  .

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