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” Taxi Driver S2” (모범택시2) K-DRAMA “

Taxi Driver 2 (2023) Complete 모범택시2 All Episodes 1-16 [With English Subtitles] [KorName 4k 2160p 1080p 720p 480p HD] Eng Sub Free Download On

Taxi Driver: Season 2 | 2023

Native Title: Mobeomtaeksi / 모범택시2 
IMDb Ratings:
Director: Lee Dan
Stars: Lee Je Hoon, Pyo Ye Jin , Kim Eui Sung, Jang Hyuk Jin, Bae Yoo Ram
Genres: Action | Drama | Crime | Thriller
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Total Episodes: 16
Status : Ongoing 

Taxi Driver (Season 2) 2023 is a South Korean Action/Crime TV Series,
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Taxi Driver S02 Complete 모범택시2 [English Subs] (K-Drama):


TAXI DRIVER 2 (2023) K-Drama
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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 01 – The Missing Son

E01: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 02 – Back in Business 

E02: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 03 – The Trot Singer

E03: 1080p / GD

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 04 – Sang Gi’s Prison 

E04: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 05 – Feel Consulting

E05: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 05 – Special

E05: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 06 – The.Evil.Uncle

E06: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 07 – The.SunBaek.Cult

E07: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 08 – Beating.Cult.With.A.Cult

E08: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 09 – 

E09: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 10 – 

E10: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 11 – 

E11: 1080p / GD 

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 12 – 

E12: 1080p / GD 

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Taxi Driver: Season 2 (Korean TV Series 2023 ) :

Download Taxi Driver 2 (2023) Complete 모범택시2 All Episodes 1-16 [With English Subtitles] [480p & 720p HD] Watch Online Free On

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Series Info: Taxi Driver (English title) / Mobeomtaeksi 2 (literal title)|Korean Dramas |

 Adapted from the webtoon “The Deluxe Taxi” (모범택시) by Carlos (까를로스) and Keukeu Jae Jin (크크재진).

  • Native Title: 모범택시2
  • Also Known As: Taxi Driver S2 , Mobeomtaeksi 2 , 모범택시시즌2 , Model Taxi 2
  • Screenwriter: Oh Sang Ho
  • Director: Lee Dan
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Crime
  • Tags: Skilled Fighter, Teamwork, Revenge, Graphic Violence, Taxi Setting, Gang Leader Supporting Character, Hostage Situation, Auto Mechanic Supporting Character, Engineer Supporting Character, Taxi Driver Male Lead .

Taxi Driver (모범택시2) Season 2 – Storyline:

Despite disbanding after Do Gi’s successful revenge, the Rainbow Deluxe Taxi crew, including Seong Cheol, Go Eun, Gyeong Gu, and Jin Eon, can’t resist the call to reunite with their former leader. Though each attempts to live a regular life with a typical job, their innate desire to fight against injustice draws them back to one another. The group even welcomes a new member, a kind-hearted but clumsy young man named On Ha Jun, who stumbles upon the secret basement of Rainbow Taxi. Now fighting for more clients than ever before, the crew continues to battle on behalf of those wronged by an unequal society. However, their work draws the attention of a mysterious organization, which makes its presence known by killing one of Do Gi’s targets before disappearing without a trace. As they try to uncover the organization’s identity and motives, the Rainbow Taxi crew faces their toughest challenge yet.

Review of Taxi Driver Season 2nd (2023 Korean TV Series) :

also feel Season2 is much less brutal than S1, I used to get chills everytime I see the prison dungeon and the creepy lady who keeps them. Season2 somehow feels less dark even though the cases are still heavy. They have a lot more fun antics now which I like. They better start making it clear, what Shin Jae Ha is there for. His usual innocent, boyish, cute, sunny look is cranked up to eleven here, and since Crash Course had him take a stroll on the dark side, I feel like, I just found out Santa isn’t real. I don’t trust his face and keep overanalyzing his every move. It’s distracting me from paying attention to the stories. Just let him be shady or let him join the team. Pick a lane pronto and let’s move it along, show. I need to breathe.

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