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Trese (2021 Anime Series)

Trese is a Philippine anime-influenced television series based on the Filipino komik series ,
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Trese (Season 1) (2021) – Storyline:

Trese (TV Series 2021): Set in Manila where the mythical creatures of Philippine folklore live in hiding amongst humans, Alexandra Trese finds herself going head to head with a criminal underworld comprised of malevolent supernatural beings.

‘Trese (Season 1) 2021’: TV Review :

Art and animation: Similar feel to DC cartoons than Japanese anime so it’s sharp, crisp but a little stiff on the side. I like some of the action scenes especially the shaky effect. Also love the background art, really good!

Dub: I watched it in Filipino and English. I actually prefer the English not because they were acted better, since I feel like both were done quite nicely but because when the Filipino chants come up it feels more special and magical and also the English dub did different variations of Filipino accents which I find fun.

Plot and delivery: I read the comics first so can’t help but compare. I wasn’t expecting like a 1-1 adaptation but anyway…I’m 50 50 on the changes. I like how the stories and characters are interconnected now compared to it being episodic in the comics but I kind of miss the emotional impact it left me, learning the different motivations of people, why they did what they did watching this just feels… a bit shallow and fast but the things they added do give it some good flavor so this or that, can’t have both in this case.

I’m also really into “Show don’t tell”, there was a lot of showing in the very first episode which might be a bit too much backstory flash but I much prefer it to that cliche villain doing 15 minutes of monologue just to explain their motivations and background while the protag just listens obediently which this show is also guilty of. 🙁

Overall: Giving it a 7. Good start but the end episode… that I am not really into it went cliche as cliche, the comics was done way better. For me overall, it lost a bit of that soul since a lot of the scenes they cut to connect the stories also carried a lot of the emotion, badassery, and smarts so I was a bit disappointed with that. I’d still wait to watch season 2 if ever as the story they’re going to cover there really made me feel the tension while I was reading it so a bit excited to see what they’ll do with it if we ever get to season 2, lol. Anyway, it’s just okay I’d still recommend it.

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